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  • Send problems and scores by PRIVATE MESSAGE (query) to an admin.
  • Side is allowed unless both teams agree not to use it.
  • Every player has to record demos; if you can't give your demos when asked for, your clan will be disqualified.
  • At least one player from each team must idle on #Nbs during the cup and he should be recognizable (with his name used on tourney.cc).
  • Spectators are allowed, use specinvite.
  • If you don't check in, you wont participate in this cup.
  • Forfeits will be given after 15 minutes.
  • TZAC is forced, your team will be disqualified if you don't play with TZAC. Check if everyone has TZAC before the match starts.
  • Banned(CB/ESL) and tagged players on CF are not allowed to compete.
  • A player can't play for different teams.
  • People with a TZAC id above 70,000 won't be allowed. Exceptions may be made though.
  • If there is a tie, a decider is picked by cointoss.
  • The latest available config [playboy.wippiespace.com] should be used.
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